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just a few final days to wrap up our synaethesia discussion.
next month we will have a new topic.

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YASMIN discussion on ARTISTS AS INVENTORS March 2009

A new generation of artists is making technical and social inventions
in pursuit of their artistic production. There is new interest in the
work of artists from laboratories, companies and public organizations
seeking ways of innovating in science and engineering. The ARTSACTIVE
network was established to promote these initiatives:

ARTSACTIVE member Robert Thill is compiling a resource directory of
patents filed by artists:

This work has stimulated a number of deeper questions about the nature
of invention, intellectual property and the ways that the arts,
sciences and technology interact in society. The recent book edited by
Dieter Daniels and Barbara Schmidt Artists as Inventors — Inventors
as Artists Ostfildern 2008, Hatje & Cantz, 240 pages, 77 images,
Englisch ISBN 978-3-7757-2153-0 was also a trigger for this

YASMIN in collaboration with ARTSACTIVE is organizing a discussion
around questions which include:

1. What makes a work an invention?

2. How have artists used " inventorship" to establish originality in
the past and today?

3. What are some examples of artists' inventions? How have artists
inventions pioneered new areas of technological development ?

4. How is an art-related invention different from an invention that is not
tied to the conventions of art? How is an art-related invention
different from invention in other fields?

5. When art-related inventions attempt to transcend the art context,
what are some of the outcomes?

6. How have artists appropriated existing inventions to create
innovative art? Is some innovation culturally sterile.

7. To what degree has the idea of intellectual property shaped the
discourse between art and science and/or shaped discourse within these
two fields?

8. Under what circumstances does "invention" mean "fiction"?

9. Often innovations in social organization and practices are as
crucial as technological innovation. What examples do we have of
artists contributions of this type.

10. While inventing can be expressed, documented, and put into
practice, can it be taught? Pedagogical views on inventing are


THILL, Robert
Robert Thill is currently publishing "Intellectual Property: A
Chronological Compendium of Intersections between Contemporary Art and
Utility Patents in Serial Form" on the Web site of the Clandestine
Construction Company International, which is devoted to issues related
to art and law (see the project at In
addition, Thill is an administrator at the Cooper Union for the
Advancement of Science and Art in New York.


HALES. Derek:

Derek is an Architect and co-founder of the Digital Research Unit, UK.
Derek works on interdisciplinary studies in culture and innovation
through an international artist in residency programme, R&D
commissions, public events and creative labs.


Sylvie Lacerte is an independent curator, scholar and author. She
holds a Ph.D. in Art Theories and Practices from Université du Québec
à Montréal (UQAM). Her publications include her book La médiation de
l'art contemporain (2007).She has been teaching, since the winter of
2007, the seminar on the Documentation and Conservation of Media Art,
both at McGill University (2008) and at UQAM (2007, 2009

Arantxa Mendiharat was born in France and works in Donostia-San
Sebastián (Spain). She has been coordinating DISONANCIAS, a platform
that promotes relationships between artists and companies, research
centres or public organisations in order to develop joint
investigations, since the beginning of the platform, in 2005. She
studied political sciences in Bordeaux and arts management in Paris
and Edinburgh. Her main interest has to do with the link between
artistic practices and social changes. She is the coordinator of

Japanese artist. Graduated in Medicine from Chiba University.
Acrylic Painting, 1983-1989. Silly CG, 1990-1996. Method Painting,
1997-2005. Serious Painting since 2006. Published "Methodicist
Manifesto" with the presence of a poet and a musician on January 1,
2000. Books "Text on Modern Art History," "The Lives of the Western
Painters," "Contemporary Art History: Japan." Patents "Voxel Data
Processing Using Attributes Thereof," "Solid Object Generation." CD
"Nakazawa Hideki Music Works." Web

SCHMIDT, Barbara
Barbara U. Schmidt is researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute
Media.Art.Research in Linz, where she directs a research project on
the institutional development and objectives of the Ars Electronica.
She recently publishe with Dieter Daniels : Artists as Inventors —
Inventors as Artists Ostfildern 2008, Hatje & Cantz, 240 pages, 77
images, Englisch ISBN 978-3-7757-2153-0 Between 2003 and 2005, Schmidt
worked as an assistant professor at the Institute for Media/Media
Theory at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz and as
director of the research project "New Media Images," supported by the
Austrian Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture.

TRON, Colette
Cultural journalist, she is currently working as an author, using
different media of communication of language (radio, books, theater,
audiovisual, multimedia...), and in questioning their function
experimenting with creation that is specific to each. She collaborates
with artists from different disciplines, in France and elsewhere
(Japan, Italy, Morocco, Russia. Founder of the association
Alphabetville in 2000 in Marseille, she has created a place of
reflection around the connections between language and the media.

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