Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Artsactive Network's Resource Directory of Artists' Patents & A Related Research Project

Dear Yasminers:

I am continuing to compile a resource directory of patents filed by
artists for the Artsactive Network. Please check the directory at

If you are an artist and who has filed a patent---or know of one---and
would like it to be included in the directory, please contact me via
info[at] (Please review the link above for the required

If you have already submitted a suggestion for the directory and it
has not yet been posted, please know that we have a queue of suggested
artists' patents that are being researched in order to include more
specific information.

On a related topic, I am expanding my personal research on the
intersections between contemporary art and utility patents (here is a
reference to my original article: My
research extends beyond artists' patents to include undertakings in
which the roles of inventor, artist, amateur, and institution
variously overlap, merge and blur, offering new perspectives on the
relationship between contemporary art and utility patents.

If you have suggestions of projects that relate to this project,
please contact me directly at

Many thanks for your assistance.


Robert Thill

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