Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Anna Davidson is an art-science hybrid with a PhD in Plant Sciences
and and MFA in Studio art

Anna Davidson "The Beauty of Ambiguity," She obtained master of fine
arts candidate in Art Studio at UC Davis. She earlier received
her doctorate from UC Davis in the Department of Plant Sciences where
she studied plant ecophysiology.

her web site and CV

has separate sections for her work as a scientists and her art
practice, that links to her science practice- but her CV links both

she asks:

Do you happen to know if there is a forum or advertising site that
lists jobs/residencies available in Art/Science? I'm on the lookout.
Thanks, Anna ?

This same question was asked of me by the young postdoc in Chicago -
The Leonardo/ISAST newsletter does post all announcements we receive

( sign up at and we encourage organisations with
such ads to use this newsletter- and for a while we tried to aggregate

art science ads on the ArtsActive art science residency network but unfortunately we were unable to

this network going.

If anyone knows of good places to look for advertisements for jobs and
residencies in art/science are listed please tell us

roger malina

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