Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] about your balloon-photo project

Thank you for your interest, Anastasia,

In my first approach to the erratic viewpoint project I used a "baby cam"
(for which I made a battery pack). The performance took place in Barcelona
on November 14th, 2004.

This "out of my control" idea evolved in parallel to other experiments in
which I used IP cameras attached to R/C model
For instance: Kids playing with the remote control toy car were in fact
streaming audio and video live to the TV set in the bar of a small village
(Maçanet de Cabrenys, 2005).

In Mexico, in 2006, I made the balloon performance with an IP camera.
Unfortunately, some technical problems turned my performance into a failure
with about 300 people in the audience!

And my first smartphone erratic live audio/video streaming and GPS tracking
took place in Barcelona (February 2010), as a poetic protest against the IT
consumerism OFF the Mobile World Congress.

Other people that I know who have been working on similar projects are:

- Gustavo Romano (he made a
streaming camera balloon piece some months earlier than me April 29th, 2004.
- In 2005, Ira Mowen and Luca Antonucci had an idea to capture an aerial
view of their fair city of San Francisco. After, only a few days of
planning, they strapped a video camera to 30 red, helium-filled balloons
and let it go from the highest point in the city... more at

And some other extraordinary art and science work involving helium balloons
that I have learnt about recently thanks to Yasmin:

- Ramon Guardans (et al.) answer to the question Where was the air we
breath now yesterday and the day before… ?
- Leif Brush, And his Terrain Instruments which include a Helium filled
Balloon w/suspended spy camera hovering (the tree)...

Finally, I'd like to add that this Deriva project of mine is part of my
ongoing interactive communication studies (on the evolution of presence,
agency and affordances) and related to a Theory of the Virtual
Subjectiveness from which this paper (focused on VR) was a first attempt:

Parés, N., Parés, R. "Towards a Model for a Virtual Reality Experience: the
Virtual Subjectiveness." PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Vol 15.5., Pag. 524-538, 2006.



2012/5/2 Anastasia Karandinou <>:
> Hi Roc and Yasminers!
> I'm very much interested in your balloon-photo-taking idea and I was
> wondering if you could give me some link (apart from this one you've given
> here) to find out some more information.
> I'm working on some papers on the idea of the evolution of the 'objet
> trouvé' into projects that generate mechanisms for randomly capturing
> aspects of spaces, and I would like to refer to your project in one paper
> am working on at the moment if that was ok with you.
> Many thanks and all the best with the fantastic projects!
> Anastasia
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> Dr. Anastasia Karandinou
> Lecturer in Architectural Design
> University of Portsmouth
> tel. +44 (0) 2392842902, +44 (0) 7804531763
> Room 2.20, Portland Building, Portland Street,
> School of Architecture
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