Friday, March 15, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] yasmin debate around open acecss


There is much debate these days around open access publication. This is an issue
that transcends the arts, the sciences and technology research and practice.

We are living in an exciting time of transformation in how
professionals document their work and share it

to others. Perhaps 50 years from now it will be clear which new
business models provide

platforms for sustainable academic publishing ( we forget that current
academic publishing

is a recent invention; in the 19th century academic publishing was the
sole domain of scholarly

societies; commercial research publishers only emerged in the 1950s)

A number of funding agencies now require funded authors to publish in open

access publications ( where often a page charge is collected). As a
result Leonardo

is now making available an option where authors whose funding agencies require

open access publishing may do so with a page charge.

Recently my UT Dallas colleague blogger David Parry has insisted

that open access is an ethical issue and that it is immoral for
academics to publish in

subscription or fee based publications, Do you agree ? We look
forward to a vigorous debate

Here is a podcast of David Parry' opinions in the Chronicle of Higher
Education :

I need to declare a conflict of interest on this discussion as I am
Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications

at MIT Press.

Here are recent posts from the US government on open access=

these apply to government funded research - should it apply to the
arts and humanities
as well as science and engineering and medical research ...

How is this debate going in around the mediterranean and elsewhere ?

I look forward to your comments on this debate which you can also find
on my blog:

roger malina
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