Friday, November 23, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] What is the Art Science Technology Community Thinking ? Three Hundred Ideas.


As part of the SEAD study on how to better enable collaboration
between science/engineering
with the arts/design/humanities we are seeking comment on the white
papers that have been received-
the suggested actions from all these white papers amount to 95 pages
of ideas that
will be posted and are being analysed.

You can comment on my blog site where I will be posting one abstract a day
for the next few weeks- here are the first two:

What is the Art-Science-Technology Community Thinking ? : First Thought
from Steven J. Barnes & Carlos Castellanos, DPrime Research

from Prof Glenna Batson

Or you can go directly to the SEAD White Paper Web site at:

Where we are posting the white papers as they are being finalised.

Or you can post comments to the YASMIN DISCUSSION LIST

Roger Malina
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