Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] diverse faces that Cybernetics had in Latin America


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diverse faces that Cybernetics had in Latin America

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[Yasmin_discussions] Cibernética / Latin America
Dear Yasminers,

Ever since the presentation of the Latin American Forum in ISEA2010, the
Latin American Forum events became a treasured feature of the ISEA symposia.

The Latin American Forum III at ISEA2012 hosted 40 events that represented
well the diversity of the efforts to articulate art, science and technology
in Latin America. With the idea to explore the deep roots of the
interaction of these cultures we had the opportunity to propose a panel on
the "History of Cybernetics in Latin America".

For years I have been reading and collecting information about the diverse
faces that Cybernetics had in Latin America since the origin of the idea of
cybernetics to the present days. To explore such a complex set of
historical layers we had the pleasure to listen experts in four key moments
of such history.

The panelists were:
Susana Quintanilla (UNAM, Mexico) presenting her research about Arturo
Rosenblueth in Mexico in the 40's and 50's.
Pablo Colapino (University of California) presenting his research on the
art exhibition "Arte y Cibernética" in Argentina in the 60's.
Eden Medina (University of Indiana) presenting her research about the
cybernetic management project Cybersyn in Chile, in the 70's.
Eduardo Bayro (CINVESTAV, Mexico) contextualizing his own current work in
computational geometry and the history of Cybernetics in Mexico.

The guests of this discussion in Yasmin are some of the people who were
part of the audience: Esteban García (Purdue University), Alejandro Martin
(biblioteca virtual BLAA), Eugenio Tisselli (Planetary Collegium) and
Felipe Cesar Londoño (Universidad de Caldas) who was the sponsor of this
academic event.

We are going to have the privilege to have in the discussion Ranulph
Glanville who is a worldwide expert on Cybernetics.

Nina Czegledy and Roger Malia, who don't need presentation, kindly invited
us to follow and elaborate about the panel in Yasmin and they will be
participating too.


Andres Burbano
PhD Candidate Media Arts and Technology | University of California Santa

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