Monday, July 29, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] impact of the arts on science practice

Hi Roger

I have not yet come across a scientist or engineer who would admit in
writing the influence of art on his or her work, except now by Dr
Marrin; and that is why I was interested in contacting him. However
the following information may interest you.

I studied physics and mathematics before graduating in civil
engineering from University of Karachi in 1962; but then changed to
art. Although I tried to escape from engineering, it has greatly
influenced my art; some of the ideas of which then emerged,
subsequently, in the work of both architects and scientists,
independently of what I had done. Here are two examples:

1) During 1965-68, I produced a body of sculptures whose symmetrical
structure was taken from the lattice structure of engineering (the
kind you see in the cranes used for building works). Besides these
works being pioneering works of Minimalism (as acknowledged by the
Tate in 2007), they were the first attempt to infuse aesthetics into
the functionality of lattice structure; and in fact this aestheticism
of what were before only functional structures was picked up
architects about ten years later (such as in the design of Pompidou
Centre in Paris), and now architects all over the world use these
structures aesthetically in their work.

2) In 1968, I proposed that the symmetrical structure of my work Zero
to Infinity should be broken by public participation, resulting into
their continuous transformation leading to infinity. A similar
phenomenon of "breaking symmetry" was discovered by some physicists in
the nineties for which they were awarded Nobel Prize in 2008.

My point is that same or similar ideas can emerge from different
disciplines more or less during the same time.

Best wishes

Rasheed Areen

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