Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] art science and the city


it was great to see you and other yasminers at the
first Art Science and the City conference


that was held last week in Bilbao.

As i understand it Valencia may host the second conference
in two years.

I thought it might be interesting if we shared our impressions
and reactions to the conference ? any particular things stand out /

For me - one of the interests of the conference was that it was dominated
by the architects and urban studies professionals and activists- i dont often
interact with those professions

I expected more discussion of the on line world as a public space and
what the architecture and design issues are- most studies of on line behaviour
show that we carry over on line our habits and practices from the
physical world-
but maybe that there is even more segregation- homophily - on line
that in physical

several papers of course discussed how computer aided design has become a
source of new ideas in architecture- particularly the work of unstudio
where caroline bos presented their work
their work in knowldge sharing is interesting and it connected
to my own talk where i talked about open observatories and open data

roger malina


Since the founding of the practice, UNStudio has been developing
design knowledge as a result of combining the designing and building
of projects with an active participation in architectural theory. In
2008, following a continued interest in geometry, digital production,
material effects and attainable design solutions, this communal
knowledge led to the introduction of knowledge platforms to the
Whilst the primary objective of our project teams is to deliver the
'result' of architectural thinking (buildings, plans, designs), the
objective of the knowledge platforms is to distill knowledge from
within the practice of architecture in order to propel design thinking
and innovation.

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From: Guillermo Muñoz <m.m.guillermo@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 4:26 PM
Subject: [Yasmin: This week Yasmin moderator
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Dear Yasminers,

I´m happy to be your Yasmin moderator along this week.

I would like to offer to all new subscribers to present themselves and
their related work to the art/sci context.

I woud be happy to answer any doubt or try to solve any problem along the
following week.

Finally i just want to remeber to the list that some of us meet last week
at Bilbao in the Art, Science and City congres, and was a delightly time to
meet and discuss some of the ideas concerning the advantages and
difficulties to work in this networked area. We get a really motivated,
inspirational and charm session and talks.

All the best from Valencia and best whishes for the following hollydays

Guillermo Muñoz.

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