Sunday, April 27, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] yasmin moderator this week and discussion of the arts and cognitive innovation


I will be your yasmin list moderator this week-
both for the announcement list and the discussion
list (please dont send announcements to the discussion list !)

This week I will be in Plymouth, England for the kick off workshop
for a new 3 year european initiative on cognitive innovation

CogNovo is an Innovative Doctoral Programme, funded by the EU Marie
Curie initiative and Plymouth University,
to foster research training in the emerging field of Cognitive
Innovation. CogNovo offers transdisciplinary
training that combines scientific studies of the neural correlates and
mechanisms of creativity, with investigations
into the role of creativity in human cognition, and their application
in sustainable technological and social innovation

The participants are an interesting mix of researchers in the
sciences, humanities and the arts

I thought a possible topic for our yasmin discussion list could be;

How do recent discoveries in the neuro and cognitive science, as well
as new work of artists
with technologies developed for the neuro and cognitive sciences, open
up new avenues
for artistic and scientific experimentation ? For instance new
consumer product immersive
head mounted displays ( like the oculus rift) are opening up
sophisticated ways of manipulating the
human sensorium ( remember how the first hand held sony video cams
blew open "expanded" cinema).
If this topic is of interest to you please send your comments to the
yasmin discussion list

Finally let me note that the Leonardo Education and Art Forum ( LEAF : )
has issued two calls for contributions:

a) the Leonardo Labs database of MA and PhD theses, editor in chief
Sheila Pinkel- deadline June 1
b) the CDASH call for curricula in art/science/humanities; editor in
chief Kathryn Evans- deadline July 31 2014

for details see

oh yes- if you are a new member to yasmin -please send an email
introducing yourself briefly to the list
and do send us announcements of art/science/technology events around
the mediterranean and beyond

Roger F Malina
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