Monday, May 5, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] music and the mind


this fits into our discussion on cognitive innovation !

Mozart and the Mind annually brings together internationally leading
figures in the sciences, medicine, and the arts to communicate
contemporary research and insights exploring the impact of music on
our brain, health, and lives. Topics include the role of music in
therapy and rehabilitation; musical training's role in improving brain
function; what brain structures underlie rhythm and music perception;
how advances in cognitive neuroscience and neurotechnology can open
new possibilities for musical expression and performance; and much

The series uniquely interweaves informative and entertaining
presentations with innovative installations and live performances. In
a single evening you can stimulate your mind with scientific insights
into music's role in the brain, then follow your curiosity and
explore interactive neurotechnology installations or live center-stage
performances in the free Music & the Brain Exposition, and finally
settle back and feed your soul with world-class Spotlight Series
performance of some of the greatest chamber music ever composed.

It's what happens when Mozart meets the Mind!


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