Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] critical making and the redesigning the human


we have just published two interesting podcasts on creative disturbance
that discuss critical making in the context of the human body:

Christina Cogdell address how modern synthetic biology treats the body
as designable- and links this to the eugenics movement

By looking at the history of Eugenics and Design, Christina Cogdell
questions the cultural values we affect to biologically designed
artifacts and how humans, through that process, may become mere
products. She also takes into consideration the evolution of
technology in relation to the history of energy and the horizontal
gene transfers that occur between living organisms to balance her
'techno-pessimistic' approach.

With a very different perspective Stelarc talks about his ability to fuse
himself with robotic systems and talks about the range of properties
that constitute 'aliveness"

Stelarc comments the various degrees of aliveness running through his
work from his recent robotic choreography (Propel, 2015) which
combines the automated and the improvised. In reflecting upon the
NeoLife conference opening exhibition Futile Labor (I. Zurr, O. Catts,
C. Salter, D. Wards) that examined shifting perceptions of life
through motion and agency, Stelarc offers elements of response to the
very question of what minimum vocabulary of behavior or movement is
needed to generate a sense of aliveness.

would be interested in comments on critical making and redesigning the

roger malina

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