Friday, June 3, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] Two days left for downloads

Dear Yasminers,

For the recent conversation, I posted an article, two book chapters, and two books to the "teaching documents" section of Academia at URL:

These are:

Bengt af Klintberg's article on "Fluxus Games and Contemporary Folklore," a discussion of events and performance art as non-individual community practice,

The Cursive Scandinavian Slave, a collection of af Klintberg's own event scores, originally published in 1967 by Dick Higgins and the legendary Something Else Press, now reprinted by UbuWeb as an Ubu Classic,

John Stachel's marvelous 1998 collection of Albert Einstein's great papers of 1905 in the book Einstein's Miraculous Year,

Jeremy Bernstein's marvelous essay, "How Can We Be Sure that Albert Einstein Was Not a Crank,"


Herbert Blumer's "Methodological Perspective of Symbolic Interactionism."

These items will be taken down Sunday at 1:00 am Central European Time. If you'd like to download these, please do so today or tomorrow from


Ken Friedman

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