Sunday, July 30, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] steam: redesigning science...aesthetic computing


Eddie Shanken will be on Paul Thomas' STEAM panel at
Balance UnBalance and the Leonardo 50 bithday party
in plymouth- he sends us this:

Roger! I'm with you on redesigning science and made a similar sort of
argument for my Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics entry on aesthetic
computing, drawing on your comments and Michael Kelly's responding to
Fishwick's entry on the same topic for the Human Computer Interaction
Design Encyclopedia.

Will mull over more..Looking forward to other's provocations and our discussion!

Cheers, Ed

In case anyone is interested:
Computing, Aesthetic (Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, 2014)

so here is one first stem to steam proposal for redesigning science,
in this case computer science:

follow the aesthetic computing manifesto which a number of us signed

In Aesthetic Computing, key scholars and practitioners from art,
design, computer science, and mathematics lay the foundations for a
discipline that applies the theory and practice of art to computing.
Aesthetic computing explores the way art and aesthetics can play a
role in different areas of computer science. One of its goals is to
modify computer science by the application of the wide range of
definitions and categories normally associated with making art

the manifesto itself is at:

and is signed by

Neora Berger Shem-Shaul Olav W. Bertelsen Jay Bolter Willi Bruns
Annick Bureaud Stephan Diehl Florian Dombois Achim Ebert Ernest
Edmonds Karl Entacher Paul A. Fishwick Susanne Grabowski Hans Hagen
Volker Höhing Kristiina Karvonen John Lee Jonas Löwgren Roger Malina
Jon McCormack Richard Merritt Boris Müller Jörg Müller Frieder Nake
Daniela-Alina Plewe Jane Prophet Aaron Quigley Rhonda Roland Shearer
Steven Schkolne Angelika Schulz Christa Sommerer Noam Tractinsky

does anyone else have specific recommendations on how to start
redesigning science using methods
from the arts, design and humanities ?

paul hope you will jump in !!


Dr. Edward A. Shanken
Associate Professor, Arts Division
University of California, Santa Cruz

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