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[Yasmin_discussions] IRB Barcelona Artist-in-Residence: 2018 Call

Dear Yasminers,
you'll find below a call for the IRB Barcelona (Institute for Research in Biomedicine) Artist-in-residence programme  
--Eva Alloza AnguianoBioinformatician and Science CommunicatorTlf. +34 645389311


IRB Barcelona Artist-in-Residence: 2018 Call

IRB Barcelona is now inviting applications for artists wishing to take place in the IRB Barcelona Artist-in-Residence Programme 2018. We are looking to welcome a professional artist, with a genuine interest in science, who is interested in working alongside our scientists to gain insight and perspective into cutting-edge research in the biomedical sciences to further their art. Artists from any discipline are welcome.

Artists interested in participating should please submit a brief proposal (2 pages max) outlining the project that they hope to develop at IRB Barcelona. Proposals may be focused on a specific theme working with specific researchers, or they can be more broad ranging, involving interactions with our scientists from a wide range of disciplines within the life sciences.

Participation in the Artist-in-Residence initiative is voluntary, and based on mutual interest. It will last for an agreed time period of up to one year. IRB Barcelona is unable to provide funding for the artist. Candidates needing financial assistance are encouraged to seek external grants to cover stipends and expenses for the duration of the residency.

Through the Artist-in-Residency Programme, IRB Barcelona can offer:

- Coordination of direct access to our scientists, at all levels, to learn about their research and methodologies, and to learn how their work connects to society
- Coordination of direct access to core facility staff for demonstrations and explanations of the technologies they use to gather, interpret and visualize data
- Access to images created in the laboratory where possible
- Facilitation of contact with our network of collaborating institutes

The Artist-in-Residence will become full member of the IRB Barcelona community and can participate in all institutional activities. He or she will also have the opportunity to:

- Participate in and provide input into the organization of seminars, round tables or workshops on themes such as the role of art in science, visualizing science, creativity, etc.
- Participate in public engagement activities such as Open House day, Science and Art events, etc.
- Apply for funding for specific activities based on the collaboration
- Promote the programme through art shows, exhibitions, networks, etc.
- Be featured through IRB Barcelona communication channels

More information about the Artist-in-Residence Programme at IRB Barcelona here. Artists interested in applying should submit the following form, together with a project proposal (maximum 2 pages) by 19 January 2018. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee for interest and feasibility, and the successful candidate will be contacted in February 2018.
Sarah Sherwood
Office of Communications and External Relations
Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)
Twitter: @irbbarcelona

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