Thursday, December 14, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] Announcing YASMIN Science for the People and for the Planet


This is Roger Malina , in Paris not far from the Mediterranean,
moderating the yasmin lists
this week.

As the calendar year comes to a close we wish everyone warmth

The YASMIN moderators are pleased to announce a January discussion on
the Yasmin Discussion list

The discussion will be led by Alyce Santoro (
), with a number of invited respondents. All Yasminers are
welcome to join in.

The discussion is tentatively titled: Science for the People and the Planet.

As is being discussed in the STEM to STEAM groups, one of the ideas
that feeds in is the idea
that Science itself needs redesigning. Both the scientific method and
the social embedding of science
need rethinking and re designing for the 21st century. In a context
that recognizes that the crisis of
the anthropocene.

Here is Alyce's intro for the discussion that will begin January 9th

Hi so many exciting developments in preparation for the discussion…I
can hardly wait for it to begin! Here's a quick introductory blurb:

The Science for the People (SftP) movement that began in the late
1960s as part of anti-war efforts, then dissipated in the late 1980s,
is now being revitalized. The original group, consisting mostly of
scientists, were dedicated to crafting a science that is ethical,
egalitarian, and cooperative, and were committed in their own work to
research that above all serves the health of humans and
the environment. The new incarnation includes scientists as well as
historians and theorists. As interdisciplinary, socially-conscious
practitioners, many of us may be asking ourselves similar questions
to those currently being raised within the context of SftP:
Are we responsible for examining our work from an ethical standpoint?
What ends/whom do our efforts serve?
Members of the original group and organizers in the current movement
are looking forward to joining us in a YASMIN discussion
on these questions and more, to begin on January 9.

Background on the history of the movement:
Information on current SftP activities:

Looking forward,
Alyce Santoro

Alyce Santoro is an intermedia conceptual/sound artist with a
background in biology and scientific illustration. Beginning her
career intending to make visible the invisible wonders of science and
nature, she quickly became interested in exploring the cultural
phenomenon that causes these fields to be viewed as separate, and in
the ways that social imaginaries form and can shift.

Santoro refers to many of her multimedia works as philosoprops –
devices intended to be used (or at least imagine being used) to
demonstrate a concept, catalyze an action, challenge perception, or
spark a dialog. The philosoprops offer subtle and sometimes
deceivingly playful critiques of the foibles of highly literal,
logical, objective, and compartmentalized thinking.

While a philosoprop may have a tangible component, the most important
part is the concept...which is freely and easily distributable.
Ownership of a philosoprop occurs if and when a person chooses to
adopt or embellish upon the idea; the artifacts are secondary.

Santoro's visual and sound pieces have appeared in over 50 exhibitions
internationally related to innovative textiles; experimental musical
scores; sound and listening; and social action and ecology. Her
written works have appeared in Leonardo Music Journal, the Center for
Sustainable Practice in the Arts Journal, Antennae, Waging
Nonviolence, and Truth-out. She is the author of Philosoprops: A
Unified Field Guide, a catalog of her work/an exegesis on the ways
that thought – and the phenomena that spark it – shapes culture.

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