Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Yasmin_discussions Digest, Vol 25, Issue 1

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1. Donation of online teaching content (YASMIN DISCUSSIONS)


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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 09:19:28 -0600
From: YASMIN DISCUSSIONS <yasmin_discussions@ntlab.gr>
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Subject: [Yasmin_discussions] Donation of online teaching content
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Dear Colleagues

Since everyone who teaches that I know is now having to teach online I am allowing people to try out a prototype I made of my Visualization of Claude Debussy's Nuages . It will occupy your students for almost an hour- and if you use it I would appreciate your opinion- How did it work for you?https://intermediaprojects.org/pages/DebussyLecture.html <https://intermediaprojects.org/pages/DebussyLecture.html>
my email is jackox@intermediaprojects.org <mailto:jackox@intermediaprojects.org> We are in the process of creating an online-museum of artist-scientists and each will have a virtual tour, which will take a low subscription fee in the future.

This is part of a project being created by Intermedia Projects Inc, an online-museum of Legacy Artist-Scientists. Each artist will have a lifetime of work to see and analyze, each artist will create a series of virtual tours explaining their work in their own voices. The museum will always be available for free to the general public, but the Virtual Tours will, in the future, be available by subscription -

Jack Ox, PhD, MFA
https://intermediaprojects.org/ <https://intermediaprojects.org/>
https://www.jackox.net/ <https://www.jackox.net/>

Creative Director of Intermedia Projects Inc
Research Associate with the Center for Advanced Research Computing, UNM
Research Fellow at ART/SCI Lab, ATEC, University of Texas, Dallas


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