Monday, September 13, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] "hybrid city as interface"

hello yasminers, i just wanted to quickly present my research in relation
to topic *hybrid city,* my research is structured around four dimensions
(Visual Analytics, City Data Sensing, Autoadaptative Architecture&Responsive
Architectures, Computational Optimization Of Design) and explore new display
systems that incorporate multiple levels of information on the architectural
design of dynamic systems and the exploration of new grammars of
morphogenesis through the development of computing environments and
investigates the new arrangement materic data consisting of sensors,
microcontrollers, communication protocols, parametric systems that enable
emergency architectural adaptive systems. The present investigation in which
I am involved is intended to generate ontology design environment domains
computer architectures, which enable us to build a knowledge context of
their dynamic interaction between defined formal specifications to generate
the emergence of new evolutionary architectural design systems ....

*Visual Analytics *

+ Ecovisualizacion-Ecoanalogizacion: Modelo de ciudad Biocentrica >

+ Estructuras Biocentricas >

*City Data Sensing*

+Augmented Ambient >
+Display Ecosofico >

*Autoadaptative Architecture & Responsives Architectures*

+*Responsive Environments* >
+Dynamic Skin >

About Fran Castillo

Environments.* Interactive Environment & AutoAdaptive



||| | <>
architect&amateur scientist

responsives architectures

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