Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] the File Room

Am 30.04.2011 20:56, schrieb Paul Hertz:
> I would suggest that the File Room is a good place to look, though
many of the notable cases were entered in the 1990s when it was first
put online:
> -- Paul

Dear Paul,

I get the feeling there is a lot of good information in The File Room,
but it's incredibly hard to look through - one has to click on each link
individually, working methodically through various trees, and it's hard
to get an overview. Strange also that there is no listing by artist, or
that you can't search for "women painters in Africa." I guess it is not
really a database in a contemporary sense.

Do you know of anything online that is more flexible? Several people on
another list have mentioned The File Room to me, but no one has
mentioned anything else.

Thanks - Tamiko

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