Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] PhD models and Art and science research

I am deeply interested in bridging gaps in understanding
between art and science researchers and have followed this interest
in a practice-based PhD research project (approved, 2010, University of
New South

My question was 'How can animation be used to combine scientific data
with subjective responses to Antarctica'. This led me to working
closely with climate change scientists and other artists who are united
in seeking ways to understand and represent environmental forces of
change. I developed methods of inquiry that combine scientific
explanations with gestures and lines that are used in both fields to
describe the same forces. Because I wanted my work to contribute to
the fields of art and science, I composed the thesis (including
how I presented animations and art works) in a way that could be
understood by international experts in those fields. The three examiners
of my thesis were a choreographer, an English language critic
and a climate change scientist.

I now work with scientists at the Climate Change Cluster at the
University of Technology Sydney and will keep Yasmin posted about
new interdisciplinary research programs that we are developing there.

I strongly believe that there is more that connects artists
and scientists than separates us and wholeheartedly encourage more
artists and scientists to collaborate to communicate knowledge of our
most pressing global challenges.


Dr Lisa Roberts

PO Box 486
Newtown NSW
Australia 2042
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