Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] [Yasmin__discussions] to phd or not to phd

Dear Leif,

Thank you for your question. With this statement I suggested that it
could be good to French people involved in the process to analyze the
problems and mistakes faced by other countries a long time ago regarding
the fully integration of Art in the University level. Part of these
problems relate to the difficulties to find the recognition of a proper
methodological approach to develop PhD research in Art (these
difficulties are not exclusive of Art by the way) and to find channels
for interdisciplinary dialogue in which Art is an equal interlocutor.
This implies not only that University understands Art as an essential
generator of a specific kind of knowledge but also that Art sees itself
as a knowledge creator and develops a deeper self-awareness about its
own roles, recognizing all aspects of its own forms of creation (by
McLuhan (1964) said: "I think of art, at its most significant, as a DEW
line, a Distant Early Warning system that can always be relied on to
tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it". The Canadian
thinker also believed that "the role of the artist is to find patterns".
Thinking about these two statements (that do not exhaust other
possibilities), among other roles, art is able to find patterns in
complexity, intuit trends, critically reveal the invisible behind
appearances, be a critical "hammer", be a social avatar, create new
forms of reality and sense slight changes in emergent reality
configurations. Aren't these some of the most essential roles in the
researchers' hands? Isn't sensibility and intuition and creativity
essential powers in knowledge construction and research development?
Although these aspects do not cover the whole problem spectrum they
could help to integrate Art at the University level so that Art finds a
proper room to fully develop and is not smashed by other models, in
special at the PhD level.
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