Sunday, September 16, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] Announcing new initiatives and closing old ones

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This newsletter follows the merging of
previous newsletters and other means of
communication. You will receive
communications and information
sporadically. The newsletter will
announce project in early phases of
development to which some of you may
want to take part in or will deem them
suitable for international partnerships,
instead of being a publicity tool of
events already happened.

It will provide information for a series
of exhibitions,research activities,
publications and events that we are
developing or that you could be
interested in and wanted to be involved
in. It will be an occasional
communication, no more than a few times
at year, and its focus will be that of
spear-heading collaborations and
opportunities on a variety of projects,
since their early stages.

You had expressed interest in other
mailing lists and for a better organized
structure I have decided to collate
everything in a new single tool. If you
do not wish to receive any information,
please feel free to unsubscribe and the
system will automatically delete your
email. I would be extremely grateful if
you could avoid marking the emails as

With this newsletter I wanted to avoid
focusing on the communication of what
has been done, with no opportunities to
collaborate or suggest synergies. This
aims to be exactly the opposite - it
will be a view into what is currently
under development for the year 2013 and
2014, in order to provide an opportunity
for institutional collaborations as well
as personal forms of engagement and

As the world of art, fine art research
and art/curatorial practices becomes
more complex - the intention of this
newsletter is to become a tool to better
co-ordinate and internazionalize fine
art outputs and opportunities.

If you happen to be at the Zero1
Biennial in San Jose, we are announcing
there the special issue on Augmented
Reality Art. This special issue is a
collaboration between Kasa Gallery
(Sabanci University) and Samek Art
Gallery (Bucknell University) -
editorship and curatorship by Lanfranco
Aceti and Richard Rinehart. Where:
California Theatre Courtyard, 345 South
First Street, San Jose, CA 95113. When:
September 14th at 6:30pm.

With kind regards,

Lanfranco Aceti


ISEA2011 Istanbul Catalog: Uncontainable
Ozden and I are collating and completing
the catalog which is available on LEA as
single PDFs. The single PDFs will be
transformed in a single volume available
as a physical print issue on Amazon.
They will also be kept online as PDFs in
order to allow the maximum international
distribution and dissemination.

ISEA2011 Istanbul Proceedings
The proceedings will follow - shortly
after the catalog. Currently the edited
papers (a first edited version of them
in html) are available at this link:
. They are being transferred into single
PDFs and will be placed on the Leonardo
Electronic Almanac, as it has been done
for the catalog. From there they will be
collated in a physical print issue
available on Amazon. Although all papers
are available on the ISEA2011 website,
only selected papers will be published
in this printed edition of the Leonardo
Electronic Almanac.

LEA 2012 - 2013
2012 will see a series of publications
from the Leonardo Electronic Almanac
(LEA) in collaboration with
international institutions: Kasa Galeri
in Istanbul, Sabanci University,
Goldsmiths College, The Thursday Club,
Chelsea College, Camberwell College,
Wimbledon College, FACT, Ohio State
University, the Royal College, The
Courtauld, and many others. If you are
interested in submitting papers check
the different calls:
Also in 2013 the LEA submission system
should be automated thanks to Leonardo
and MIT Press - this will facilitate
communication with the authors and

Exhibition and curatorial opportunities
We have set up the LEA Digital Media
Platform - a curatorial partnership with
Christiane Paul and Vince Dziekan. This
curatorial partnership allows exhibits
across a variety of digital media
platforms, from Facebook to Flickr, and
generates collaborations with
international institutions in order to
create new curatorial approaches that
are transfered from the online world to
physical spaces across the world. We are
currently working on an exhibition of
Algorithmic and Generative Art which
coincides with a LEA call for paper
and on another exhibition titled Red Art
that coincides with another LEA special

Personal Artistic Practice
This year I have exhibited three
different projects during the AND
(Abandon Normal Devices) Festival in
Manchester. Titled: A Dream Came
Through , The Museum of Contemporary
Cuts and National Panties . They were
part of the exhibition: What Have I Done
To (De)serve This?, curated by Omar
Kholeif and Sarah Perks, hosted by
Cornerhouse and Blankspace.

ISEA2012 - Nina Czegledy
"Breaking Tradition: Rethinking the
Economy of Learning," ISEA2012 Education
workshop September 23, 2012, from 3:30pm
to 5:30pm at the Hotel Andaluz
If you are at ISEA2012 please join this
open workshop bringing together
academics, researchers, educators and
ISEA2012 participants to discuss the
latest developments of educational
policy investigations, evaluate the role
of educational research, as well as
existing educational business
strategies, financial modeling and risk
management. Verbal presentations and
informal interaction between
participants interested in the changes
of the economic dimensions of education
is strongly encouraged. The summary
outcome of the workshop will be
contributed to the Leonardo Education
Almanac's series on education.

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