Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] ISEA2012

Dear Yasminers,

greetings from my very last ISEA2012, Machine
Wilderness night. Due to the rich program - including the
excellent keynotes, panels, artist talks, exhibitions, field
trips, fabulous gala night - my symposium dispatch got
delayed day after day...

At the 18th ISEA symposium, once more we experienced
such a wide variety of events, that it is difficult to select
immediately the most interesting highlights. For me a few
more days are required to re-live, reflect and talk about

I thought however to ask Yasminers, who participated
in ISEA2012 - what do they think, what did they like
best or did not like? what did they learn from the
exhibitions, talks, events?

it would be really great to hear and discuss various
ISEA themes, opinions in short the experience of others
from the Yasmin community.

all the best

nina czegledy

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