Saturday, February 15, 2014

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] STEM TO STEAM- CALL for EXAMPLES

Dear Yasminers,

We are proud to announce the launch of the program of
Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 3WDS14:

From 17 to 23 March, 200+ scientists, artists, activists and youth
representing 30 countries from 5 continents will present their latest
work, and interact with audience online and in 18 nodes (physical venues)
in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,
Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Media Release

The Symposium promotes exchange between people who are concerned with
water issues - for a better sharing of knowledge,
perspectives and governance - through Waterwheel, an online platform
dedicated to water.
The program composed of 42 sessions, caters for all time zones, and
focuses on art, science and activism. It explores questions about how we
are living, and will continue to live, with water and its contrasts.
Demands for new perceptions and approaches to water management, urban
planning, and cooperation, renewed respect for water as a vital resource
and shared heritage are highlighted through trans-disciplinary approaches.

Discussions between presenters and audience online and onsite will follow
every session. The symposium is free. Everyone is welcome to participate.

To view the Symposium, open your browser with the latest Flash player
plu­gin, go to & click the top-most Symposium

twitter: @the_waterwheel #3WD14

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KEEP WATERWHEEL TURNING: The symposium is made possible by the use of
Waterwheel's videoconferencing and media mixing system, the Tap - unique
on the web! Help us keep Waterwheel going so more people can make and
share about water worldwide!

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~~~~~Apologies for cross postings~~~~~ Suzon Fuks

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