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Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Please see below for an exciting event coming up at USF. I hope that
you can attend and encourage your students to do so as well!
Rachel Beth

Hybrid Momentum: Women/ Art/ Technology
Thursday February 20, 2014, 5:30-6:30pm
Berman Room, Fromm 115, The University of San Francisco
Reception to follow in the Thacher Gallery
Momentum: Women/ Art/ Technology presents a panel discussion of women
working in hybrid careers between art, science, technology and
engineering, who lead hybrid lives as professionals and individuals.
The panel includes:

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Design Program Director & Assistant Professor, USF
Catherine King, Vice President, Exhibitions & Programs, International
Museum of Women
Bansi Shah, CTO of & Data Scientist
Tami Spector, Professor of Chemistry, USF
Andrea Steves, Sustainability Manager,

And will be moderated by:

Paula Birnbaum, Art History & Museum Studies Program Director,
Associate Professor, USF

This event coincides with STEAMED, the triennial faculty exhibition at
The University of San Francisco featuring works that explore the
realms of art in connection with science, technology, engineering and
mathematics. STEAMED will be on display at the Thacher Gallery on the
USF campus January 21 - March 2, 2014.
MOMENTUM: WOMEN/ART/TECHNOLOGY involves a global community of women
who embrace technology as their mode of expression. Participants
include: artists, authors, art historians, curators, educators and
technologists. The overall project is organized in collaboration with
the Rutgers University's Institute for Women and Art and the Arizona
State University, School of Art. The Momentum directors are Judith
Brodsky, Ferris Olin, (Rutgers) and Muriel Magenta (Arizona State).
The Berman Room in Fromm Hall is located on the corner of Parker and
Golden Gate Avenues. The Thacher Gallery is located inside the
Gleeson Library. Directions and a campus map of USF can be found
Questions related to this event at USF can be sent to: Rachel Beth
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