Sunday, June 29, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Introducing Myself


This is my introduction on joining the Yasmin List. I am an artist and designer, and I also work in management and the social sciences. I have just moved from Melbourne, Australia to Kalmar, Sweden. In Melbourne, I was Dean of the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University, and then University Distinguished Professor. I am now Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies at the Tongji University College of Design and Innovation. I work in Shanghai part of the time, and work from home part of the time. I also edit a new journal on design, economics, and innovation published by Elsevier and launching next year.

If you're curious about my research or my work as an artist, I maintain a page at Academia.

The section on design and research is at the top, research training and doctoral education in the middle, and material on Fluxus and intermedia at the bottom. My latest publication is a book chapter titled "Aesthetic Capital: Hermeneutic Speculation, Economic Themes, and the Dismal Science" in the a book from Brill. (This is not available from my Academia page, but I will send a PDF on request.)

Together with Prof. Jack Ox from University of New Mexico, I am editing a special project for Leonardo titled The PhD in Art and Design: A 3-Year Leonardo Symposium.

I will be interested to see the conversation evolve.

Ken Friedman

Ken Friedman, PhD, DSc (hc), FDRS | Editor-in-Chief | 设计 She Ji. The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation | Published by Elsevier in Cooperation with Tongji University | Launching in 2015

Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies | College of Design and Innovation | Tongji University | Shanghai, China ||| University Distinguished Professor | Swinburne University of Technology ||| Adjunct Professor | School of Creative Arts | James Cook University | Townsville, Australia

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