Monday, June 30, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Introducing myself

Hello List,

My name is Guy Edmonds. I'm a researcher at Plymouth University, looking at the cognitive impact of analogue and digital film projections technologies. My prior experience is as a film maker and professional film restorer. I'm interested in exploring the cognitive science behind much anecdotal evidence that I've heard in the last decade, as film has transitioned to digital, which seeks to differentiate the experience of analogue film projection and digital cinema projection.
I will be travelling to Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna tomorrow. I'd be happy to meet any Yasminers who will also happen to be there.

Guy Edmonds

Marie Curie Fellow of Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity

CogNovo | Link 3 | University of Plymouth | Drake Circus | Plymouth | Devon | PL4 8AA

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