Monday, November 17, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Reference, Argument, and Evidence

Dear Colleagues,

This is a query concerning an article in evolution titled "Reference, Argument, and Evidence." I've posted it to my Academia page for two reasons — one is to share the evolving draft. The other is to ask for suggestions, critique, and comments on how to develop it.

This piece evolved from several different drafts, lectures, and talks for different purposes. I haven't managed to merge them successfully into a single piece. It is too long for a single article, so there may be two, even three articles to emerge from this. There may be a general piece here on referencing, and there may be a specific piece for design research. I'm undecided. I'm about to revise the article for publication with a colleague, and I'd welcome advice and questions.

The reason for this query is to invite direct, off-list comments and suggestions — and to ask if there is any topic or issue that I ought to address that does not appear. If you are willing, I ask that you review the article and respond directly to me, off-list.

The article appears at the top of the "Research & Writing Skills" section of my Academia page at URL:

I'll welcome your off-list response to me at:



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