Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] FWD: Call for Art: Theme Garbage

International Mail Art award & exhibition

Deadline: September 21 postmarked
*Garbage* 2015
Call for artists.
Submission deadline: September 21, 2015.
1st Award 100 Eur
2nd Award 50 Eur
3rd Award 50Eur
All international visual artists are & none are welcome to participate in
the " 2015 Mail Art - Garbage". The exhibition is organized by Komunala
d.o.o., Nova Gorica, Slovenia and a non- profit association Humanist
association of Goriska region . Komunala d.o.o. is a company that deals
also with garbage for the Council of Nova Gorica.
Today we swim in garbage. The world we live in is over populated, over
polluted, over everything. How we deal with garbage needs a new approach,
a new way of dealing with this overgrowing problem. Recycling is one of the
possibilities. But how we view garbage, how we use it, re- use it and what
is our personal relationship towards it, is a question to be asked. And
this is what we are asking ourselves in this project. How to redefine our
relationship towards garbage and how to popularize the idea of the thought
needed to move our perception. The works will be exhibited in an exhibition
space at the Regional Museum of Nova Gorica, Kromberk Castle, on-line and
an on-line catalog will be made for this purpose.
Format: 10cm x 15cm ( 4" x 6" )
No reproductions or photocopies, only signed original art works. All
media is welcome.
Please indicate your name, mailing address, e- mail address, title and
medium for each work.
Multiple entries are welcome (up to 4)the entries must be individually
submitted through the postal system.
No returns, no fees.

Address to send the works:

International Mail Art Award

Poštno ležeče
5000 Nova Gorica

Thank you for your participation!


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