Sunday, September 13, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN 10th anniversary

Dear Yasminers

It is with great pleasure that we are re-launching the YASMIN lists and yes !

We are 10 years old ! I will be your moderator this week ( I am in Dallas

Right now after four months in France). Monica Bello will be taking over

next week from Switzerland and CERN ! and the week after it is Soussi Houssine.

At the same time it is a time of difficulty and much human despair in the

Mediterranean region and we hope the YASMIN community can develop

e-solidarity – difficult times on all the banks of the Mediterranean....

For our tenth anniversary, Guillermo Munoz is organizing a get together in
Valencia, Spain on Thursday Oct 22 during the Art, Science and the
City conference

there ( ) . As part of this
Guillemo made a list

the topics we have discussed in Yasmin over the last ten years. On
the YASMIN discussion

list we are about to start a discussion on what yasminers see as the

opportunities that have been emerging over the past 5 years. Everyone
is invited for

our tenth birthday party !

And YASMIN is powered by will power- all volunteers ! If anyone is
interested in running
a YASMIN discussion or serving as a YASMIN moderator please contact us

Roger Malina

here is the list of topics we have discussed on YASMIN ! interesting !

Doing and Studying International Collaboration in the Sciences, Arts
and the Humanities (2005)

- Geopoetics (2005)

- Syncretism (2005)

- Exhibition BioArt: Virtual Symposium On Visual Culture and Bioscience (2006)

- The perception of climate change (2006)

- Expanding the Space (2006).

- Nanotechnology and Art (2006)

- Educating Artists for the Future (2007)

- Mutamorphosis; Art & Science in Extreme & Hostile Environments (2007)

- Synaesthesia Discussion (2007)

- Locative Media (2007)

- Cybernetics and Documentary making (2008)

- Disposition (2008).

- Invisible Dynamics: Mediterranean Diasporas, Networks, Process (2008)

- Micro-Science or Intimate Science, intuitive instruments (2008)

- Space Imagineries 1957 - 2007 (2008)

- Artists as inventors (2009)

- New Media: User's Behaviour, Social Systems, And The Body Politic (2009)

- Oral Traditions and the Digital Arts (2009)

- One Two Three or More Cultures (2009)

- Art And Atoms: Fission And Fusion (2009)

- Ethnic Cyborg (2009)

- collective genius (2009)

- The Arts in the Context of Darwinian Theory of Evolution Today (2009)

- Arts,humanities and complex networks (2009)

- Drifting Islands (2009)

- Around Simulation (2010)

- Multisensory Perception – Cross Modal. (2010)

- The new concept of Human Kind Cultural Narcissism from Francesco Monico (2010)

-The hybrid city as an interface (2010)

- Science, Technology, Art, POETRY (2010)

- Around Simulation II - Simulated Senses and the Un-Simulatable (2011)

- Next Step Publishing (2011)

- To Phd or not to Phd? (2011)

- arts and sciences: re-drawing boundaries (2011)

- Art Agency, and its Constitution (2011)

- ISEA feedback (2011)

- Mcluhan Effects (2011)

- Networking 5.0: Networks of Networks in Art-Science-Technology (2011)

- How to enable collaboration between science/engineering and art and
design (2012)

- Does Art Science Collaboration Contribute In Any Way To Successful
Scientific Practice (2012)

- The Importance of Early and Persistent Arts and Crafts Education for
Future Scientists and Engineers (2012)

- art, new media, and social memory (2014)

- Re-collection (2014)

- The Plight of the Supernatural in an Art-Science World (2014)

- Collective Innovation (2014)

- What does STEAM have to do with it? (2014)

- Light is My Business (2015)

- Why do Science Films often have such terrible use of music or sound (2015).

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