Thursday, September 17, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Whats on the Mind of the YASMIN art/science/technology community of practice ? disruptive media


thanks for your radar point about the transformation of the performance arts
by live and distributed streaming/ what one might call disruptive media ?

at the end of this email I attach a radar point submitted by Sonya
Landy Sheridan
who is one of the amazing pioneers of our community:
among other things she founded and ran the Generative Systems Program
at The Art Institute of Chicago 1970-1980
at a time when fax art ( remember that) was transformative !

any one have thoughts on these issues ?

sonya's facebook group is at

roger malina

From: William Joel <>

What's on mind? What has my internal radar picked up on?

Well, one "thing" I've been watching is the convergence of various
electronically delivered media. Consider how non-stations, such as
Hulu and Netflix, are now "broadcasting" shows they've produced,
rather than content from other media. Also, how various broadcast and
cable stations now have a web presence. In addition, services such as
Livestream allow us to "attend" a performance from the comfort of ...
well ... nearly anywhere.

All of this implies that an individual can receive content without
ever using a "TV" or leaving their domicile. How will this impact
performance arts such as film, theater, dance, music? Will we see more
and more of a virtual audience presence at these "events", perhaps
leading to the "death" of the physical performance?

Anyway, you asked. ;-)

Bill Joel

From Sonya Landy Sheridan, posted on the SEAD blog:

The Impact of Facebook Group Generative Systems

Upon Generations of Colleagues and Students

Social media on the Internet is an ideal system for linking the past
and the future in a most creative and humane way. Facebook with its
capacity for words, images, video and global links has opened up an
entire new set of imaginative possibilities. For the past four years,
my former colleagues, scientists and artists, from Asia in the West,
to Spain in East, have used Facebook to produce three publications. We
last worked together in the 1960's, 70s and 80s. Our first
publication, organized on Facebook, was Exhibition in a Box:16 Silk
Scarves. The second publication was Portable Postcard Exhibition II,
dedicated to the memory of those artists in Portable Post Card 1969,
who have since died. Our 2014 publication, distributed by The
University Press of New England, was Art at the Dawning of the
Electronic Era: Generative Systems. This publication was dedicated to
Holly Pedlosky, (d.) artist and educator. Holly with the aid of her
daughter, Dove, set up the Facebook Generative Systems Group in 2011.
Two of the publications are located at institutions and libraries that
can be located on:

All three publications were organized on the Facebook/Generative Systems/ Group.

The Facebook/ Generative Systems Group makes it possible for us to
have ongoing global links. Some of the exchange is verbal and some
visual. Some exchange is purely intellectual. Yet in our new cyber
roles we may continue to learn about one another. This does sometimes
even become personal. Some of the countries where our people live are
Japan, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, all of the U.S.A., Spain, France,
England, Denmark, Eastern Europe and Germany. Often the messages are
in another language. In this way we continue our conversations in real
time and according to our own convenience and scheduling needs. Before
the Internet this kind of global, rapid, interactive exchange would
not have been possible. It would not be wise to underestimate the
productive, educational and emotional value of this on-line
experience. Experienced people, ranging in age from the mid-sixties
to the nineties have much to teach us and to learn. With the global
Internet they can continue interactive, challenging lives.

Sonia Landy Sheridan

Hanover, NH, U.S.A.

Art at the Dawning of the Electronic Era: Generative Systems located at:

Facebook Generative Systems photo organization sample:

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