Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Truth marching on

Dear Yasminers,

Although one feels compelled to acknowledge that no one
involved in this thread believes that his or her contribution
is going to be the trumpet call for the new scientific/artistic
millennium, still, one must be impressed with the sense of
energy and common purpose to be found in these various

"Most people are involved with the so-called 'disruptive
technologies' for a 'radical' ramping-up of consumption."
-- John Hopkins

"The deadliest wars in human history have been civil wars,
and the great genocidal events involved people who speak
the same language" (in reference to the idea that enhanced
communications is inevitably beneficial) -- Ken Friedman

"Technology [alone] cannot bring about a planetary
consciousness." -- Ken Friedman

"We should quit using "technology" as a veil for a deeper
understanding of our world through mathematics,science
and engineering." -- Paul Fishwick

"utopia" -- a word actually employed by Roger Malina within
this thread, and in a non-ironic manner!

Not to mention the several real-world projects which have been
reported on -- STEAM/SEAD is a reality, and not a dream!

In short, my friends, the forces of enlightenment are on the
march; and as my own small contribution -- i.e., here comes the
customary plug! -- may I note my recently published essay
"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: Kinetic Sculpture and the Crisis
of Western Technocentrism"
( http://www.mdpi.com/2076-0752/4/3/75 ) which has its own
take on the nexus of art, science, and history?

G. W. (Glenn) Smith

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