Thursday, September 24, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Caring, cooperative, and creative?

Dear Paul,

Please do post information on the tool. I'm interested to read more on your thoughts concerning the notion of tool.

Warm regards,


> On 2015Sep22, at 18:08, Paul Fishwick <> wrote:
> Ken
> I am also wondering about the nature of "tool" but this may be another YASMIN topic. The notion
> of tool came into focus for me in Prague over the summer when I learned something basic about
> the art of the blacksmith. Before I met him, I was of a mind to see the steel bottle opener he was
> selling as a tool. Then everything changed when he invited me to put on an apron. I am writing a blog
> post on it and will send to you or others, if interested.
> -paul

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