Saturday, September 19, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Whats on the Mind of the YASMIN art/science/technology community of practice ? disruptive media

Some musings on disruption:

>> what one might call disruptive media ?
> Or next generation tv/radio. millions of user streamed channels.
> Live and on-demand.
>> All of this implies that an individual can receive content without
>> ever using a "TV" or leaving their domicile. How will this impact
>> performance arts such as film, theater, dance, music? Will we see more
>> and more of a virtual audience presence at these "events", perhaps
>> leading to the "death" of the physical performance?
> Or why not get an even BIGGER TV and watch/PARTICIPATE in live multi-location
> studio sessions as artists perform their new pieces or more informally, when
> the are rehearsing new material. Invite people into your multi-city live sessions.

But these kinds of projects have been done for more than 30 years (see projects
by Robert Adrian X who recently passed away, for example), 20 if you count
easily available consumer-level technologies (that I've got experience with) --
for doing collaborative live-streamed multi-point performance work. So I would
suggest that it's not really disruptive in that temporal sense. On the other
hand, I find that few people take advantage of such technologies with their
experimental potential, and the 'field' of activity is still quite fringe. It
would seem that most people are involved with the so-called 'disruptive
technologies' for a 'radical' ramping-up of consumption if anything!

Disruption seems to be just another marketing ploy -- following the Red Herring
Magazine view of technological change that is simply another path in the
capitalist/consumption miasma that we are immersed within. Change is a
continuous process based on a system's ability to maintain its own level of
organization or not. I believe we are living in a time where the energy
necessary to maintain the level of social order that we are 'used to' is simply
no longer 'easily' available (energy is spread among more people on the planet,
and the 'West' no longer has a monopoly over consumption). This situation yields
more instances where a system's order will drop. True disruption is therefore a
sign of the increasing entropy of of our system. Perhaps something to be worried
about if one is overly dependent on things as they are in ones daily
(technological) 'Western' life. There will be an increasing number of instances
when the management of change is absolutely beyond our capacities: these are the
disruptions that we need to discern and prepare for rather than paying heed to
Silicon Valley pseudo-gurus endeavoring to profit via 'managed' pseudo-change.


Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
grounded on a granite batholith
twitter: @neoscenes
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