Sunday, September 20, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] International Affairs and Political Science is an Emerging Trend in art science ?

> Do readers have other projects that belong in this list ?

I'm participating in a complete revamp of a hybrid private (non-profit)
education initiative in regenerative design -- at the Ecosa Institute here in
the mountains of central Arizona http://ecosa/org -- it's a hands-on, applied,
(*not* theoretical!) design/art/systems/architecture/ecology program. We
recently got a $4mil gift for the construction of a major (fully off-grid!)
learning center for this new resident program that will include an
artist-in-residence program, international guests, and numerous learning
possibilities from short workshops to two annual 16-week immersive certificate
programs in regenerative design. We'll be starting up the new *improved* program
in the fall of 2016. The Institute is about 15 years old, and was founded by the
British architect Tony Brown who worked with Paolo Soleri.

As a (geophysical) engineer and media artist, I'm part of the teaching team and
will cover holistic systems thinking aspects as well as cross-over
technology/art/culture/media/techno-social issues ... As an experienced
educator, I'll be facilitating the collaborative/dialogue approach (as inspired
by Martin Buber, David Bohm, and Paolo Friere among others!). If anyone has
questions, let me know!

One of the reasons I left 'regular' US academia was a frustration with the
miserable economics of adjunct teaching (talk about an unsustainable system!!)
and a lack of opportunities for true transdisciplinary collaboration outside of
very traditional 'inside' opportunities for tenured/tenure-track research
faculty. I was teaching in a technology-arts-media program at CU-Boulder (the
TAM program) within the Atlas Institute -- an interesting program, but I found
the university overall to be suffering the maisma of administrative-heavy
bureaucracy. Too much talk and political position-taking and not enough radical
learning happening.


Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
grounded on a granite batholith
twitter: @neoscenes
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