Friday, September 25, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Art and science in the antarctic


just to feeding the world development of art science activities
in reserves, marine sanctuaries and other natural parks

there have been major art science practices in the antarctic
over the last 20 years

The US NSF has been funding
The Antarctic Artists and Writers Program furnishes U.S. Antarctic Program
operational support, and round-trip economy air tickets between the United
States and the Southern Hemisphere, to artists and writers whose work requires
them to be in the Antarctic to complete their proposed project

here is the upcoming conference in two weeks

2015 Arctic Science Conference

The 2015 Arctic Science Conference will be held October 1st—3rd in
Anchorage, Alaska.
The conference theme is Healthy Estuaries: Sustainability and Resilience.

Annie Duffy tells us about

"Northern Environment and the Arts" session and here are the planned talks:

"Polar Lab: Giving the North a Voice"

Julie Decker, Anchorage Museum

"The Arts and Rural Alaskan Community Landscapes"*

Shannon Daut and Saunders McNeil, Alaska State Council on the Arts

*Tentative Title

"Practicing Sustainable Art in the Arctic: Two Case Studies"

Herminia Din, University of Alaska Anchorage

"Alternative Photographic Processes Encompassing Cultural Alaskan Substrates"

Alyssa Enriquez, University of Alaska Fairbanks

"Perspectives: Examining Complex Ecological Dynamics through Arts,
Humanities and Science Integration. A Post-Workshop Overview"

Annie Duffy, University of Alaska Fairbanks

roger malina

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