Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Collaborative/dialogue approach

John Hopkins I like the sound of your 'hands-on', *not* theoretical!
work, with its collaborative/dialogue approach. It's encouraging to hear
that you've received support to sustain it.

Another project to add to this list is Living Data: Track changes:

This is independent research I conduct through University of
Technology Sydney, with supervision by Professor William Gladstone,
Head of Life Sciences. Conversations and collaborations with scientists
and artists are conducted and observed for changes in our
understandings. The program is sustained by private patrons,
as well as by serving mutual interests of the research participants.

I am very keen to hear about similar programs elsewhere.

Best wishes,


Lisa Roberts
PhD (Media Arts), MA (Animation/Interactive Media), Dip. Aboriginal
Studies, Dip.Ed. (Art/English), Dip. Art

Living Data Program Leader

Visiting Fellow
University of Technology Sydney
Faculty of Science

Visiting Scientist (a.k.a. Artist)
Australian Antarctic Division
Krill Biology

Mob.0428 502 805
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