Saturday, February 4, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] How to train STEAM teams


our stem to steam discussion has gone quiet- I though I would pose a
different question:

Do you know how to train artists and scientists to collaborate together ?

We are organising a panel and workshop at ISEA Manizales in June- details at:

As part of this we hope to develop a resource guide that can help the
many STEAM teams that are being
formed- there are many training guides for other areas ( military,
business, medical , NASA..) but
there are few documented training best practices that have shown
demonstrated effectiveness.

Andres Roldan, Mauricio and I will be working with the panelists to
collect available best practice
materials and we hope yasminers may have some to share- feel free to
post you examples to this
discussion list and Roldan will aggregate them- so we can make the
ressource available on line

more details on the panelists and topics at"

Roger F Malina
is in Dallas +15108532007
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