Saturday, September 9, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] STEAM Caucus Newsletter - September 2017


well well well- american politiciants cant agree on much except
STEM to STEAM !! There are now 88 us members of the us congress in the
caucus who
are campaigning for funds for stem to steam in the US budget

here is a link to information on the 2017 STEM to STEAM act

with a very interesting budget proposal !

and i append their latest newsletter !!! ( if you want to see the
videos contact me)

on the other hand there is discussion about what the difference is
really between
polymathy and stem to steam or is it all marketing

eg polymathy:

roger malina

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From: Steele, Lakeisha

Dear Friend,

The 115th Congress has been an exciting time for the Congressional
STEAM Caucus. We currently have 88 Members of Congress in the Caucus,
and dozens of stakeholders from the fields of education, arts,
science, industry, and entertainment who are excited about STEAM. We
have introduced and passed new legislation integrating STEAM
initiatives, convened briefings on Capitol Hill, and visited STEAM
programs and schools back in our home states.

In June, the House of Representatives passed the Strengthening Career
and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act to provide federal
support to programs that prepare students for in-demand careers and
success in higher education. Representatives Elise Stefanik and
Suzanne Bonamici successfully added an amendment that integrates arts
and design skills training into career and technical education (CTE)
programs. You can watch video of Representative Bonamici speaking
about the legislation here.

Following the passage of the CTE bill, the STEAM and CTE Caucus held a
joint briefing entitled STEAM and CTE: Adding "Art and Design" to STEM
Career and Technical Education. We were joined by panelists from Rhode
Island School of Design, GE Global Research, and representatives from
local public schools. This briefing highlighted how incorporating
STEAM into CTE programs will help us develop a strong education to
career pipeline.

Representatives Langevin, Bonamici, and Stefanik also introduced the
STEM to STEAM Act of 2017, which would integrate art and design into
STEM by leveraging resources at the National Science Foundation to
research and develop effective STEAM education programs that promote
creativity and innovation.

You can view updates from STEAM Caucus members and read more about
STEAM initiatives around the country below. If you would like an event
or article highlighted in the upcoming October monthly newsletter,
please send content to us at or


Lakeisha Steele Patrick Hester

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Rep. Elise Stefanik

Touring Portland Community College's Innovative STEAM LAB

Representative Bonamici visited Portland Community College's Rock
Creek Campus to tour the new STEAM Lab and MakerSpace. MakersSpaces,
including Rock Creek's STEAM Lab, give students the opportunity to
incorporate the arts into STEM using innovative tools and technologies
like 3D printers and computer hardware. You can view a tweet from
Representative Bonamici's visit here.

Olin College's New STEAM Initiative

Olin College received significant grant funding to integrate the arts
into STEM education. The grant comes from The Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation. You can read about the initiative here.

Visiting SUNY Potsdam Theatre Students

Representative Stefanik visited with SUNY Potsdam students in the
green room before their performance.

contact me for the original newsletter
roger malina

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