Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] ars electronica discussion


i wasnt at ars this year so i am hesitant to comment
on specifics- when ars was founded i was on many
of the first juries and worked closely with hannes
and christine

i dont know if anyone has looked at the history of ars
roger malina- oliver and wendy have a new book:

Museum and Archive on the Move
Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era
English, DeGruyter, Munich September 2017
ISBN 978-3-11-052963-0 - 324 pp.

which maybe covers it- ars has had a huge influence
on the growth of our community or practice over the decades
championing the pioneers in emerging practice

like many organisations they have had to be agile as
the political and funding climates have changed- its a different
world than 30 years ago

the good news is that many sectors of society are now
paying attention to the work of our community- with conflicting
interests and directions

on the one hand the current that drives the argument
on innovation theory arguments and transfer of knowledge
and techiques to the commerncial sector

on the other hand the desire for how the arts,design and humanities
can not only critique but drive alternative approaches rather than
backing into the future ( i think of stiegler and ars industrialis for instance)

one of the arguments in the usa that disturbs me a bit, not sure why,
is the argument here that stem to steam can help attract more women
and non white professionals into the industry -as you know in the usa
not enought students go into science and technology so there is a brain
drain from other countries to silicon valley ( when the gender and diversity
of employees is not good)

i think the real problem is systemic and we should be teaching and using stem
areas differently- someone here said privately that maybe we can
use the arts 'to trap students' into going into stem careers- i was internally
scandalised by this remark as if science and engineering are so unpleasant
you have to trap students !!!

as i said i was not at ars this year but i know there was a yasmin get together

ars like all of our network of network organisations are navigating among
the various pressure groups and interests of funders- and its fantastic
that they have been able to navigate the unstable cultural environments
we live in

i hope people who were at ars this week will join the discussion
launched by lorenzo

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