Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] DIGITALIFE

Hallo Yasminers
So, no interventions on Ars electronica.
It seems that discussing about the festival Ars Electronica is not attractive, but when we met in Linz there were about 15 people from the list, as Nina Czegledy wrote in her mail about the (very nice) meeting she organized.
Festivals are not the answer to many questions, i agree, but it's something that allow us to verify several things.
For instance how the art/science problem is seen at a public level, outside university courses and digital-research centers.
There is now a Festival just opened in Rome.
It's called "Digitalife", it's inside a wider festival, "RomaEuropa Festival" existing since many years and mostly dedicated to cross overs between theatre, performance, music and visual arts.
The "Digitalife" itself has been slowly growing in the past years as a small section of the fest and now is in a very central space, not far from Colosseo.
The language cross over is still central in the exhibition choices but there is a cicle of meetings with researchers organized by Prof. Massimo Bergamasco from the University of Pisa (supposed to be one of the most advanced universities in Italy for scientific research). The prof himself founded a laboratory of "Robotic perceptive" and last year did show a Robot made in the laboratory designed to help handicapped people.
Famous scientific reasearcher & Nobel prize Rita Levi Montalcini used to protest with government for scarce founding for research in Italy.
Nonetheless we have some bright people coming from University Jungles and producing ideas, like Arduino for instance.
The weight of the festival is very much on the visual languages and there are names well known to many: Dumb Type, Jean Michel Bruyère, Granular Synthesis, Robert Henke.
Anyway i always considered a false step the "Damnation Memoriae" of early techno art against the video languages.
The kinematic languages are still very central, more and more central in the technology universe.
The Futurist legacy in italian art has an interesting history as you know and pushes toward the merging of languages through technology.
If anyone will pass through Rome the Festival is open in "Palazzo delle Esposizioni" till the 7 January.
I hope to have interesting ideas to transmit from the meetings.
Lorenzo Taiuti
Vicolo dei Panieri 48
Roma 00153
Cell. 0039 339 5692752
e-mail: <>
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skype: bertoltt

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