Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Data Visualization - Terrain for ArtSci Collaborations

hi everyone

i wanted to respond to a post roger made asking for any information on
art/science collaborations in the field of data visualization.

there's a great article by sara diamond just posted to ctheory.net which
brings together the ethics and aesthetics of data visualization and will
be pertinent for artists, designers, and scientists alike:


in her conclusion diamond writes:

"The use of natural metaphors (tree-like, floral, etc.) occurred in
artist, designer and programmer-created [data visualization] works,
regardless of whether the source of the data was natural or artificial.
The prominence of natural metaphors may indicate the merging of scientific
and information visualization; it may represent mystification -- the
correlation of sublime nature and sublime data -- or an ironic stance
towards mystification; it may suggest a growing sense of concern about the
biological world, its extraction into data and the need for an ethos of
responsibility towards the empirical world. It is in the interaction of
computer code and genetic code that new forms, virtual and physical, come
into being. Rather than eliciting a fear of the unknown, in which data are
sublime or become a simple deconstruction, the summoning of a new hybrid
world could be placed within a sense of responsibility to both human and
non-human life. Issues of aesthetics and ethics are present, if not
visible, in the tools we build and use."

i think you will enjoy her survey of works from the mid-90s through the
present on this crucial topic.

carrie paterson

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