Saturday, November 27, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Science, Technology, POETRY

new YASMIN discussion beginning Dec 1 2010 :

Science, Technology, POETRY


In this YASMIN ( discussion we wish
to discuss the varieties of poetry today that connect to science, the arts
and technology.

There are examples of poets who have also been scientists or
engineers; poetry that uses new
technologies to find new forms for expression; poetry that uses
mediated senses to explore and
ground the feel and taste of data (the erotics of data?); poetry that
grapples with how science and
new technologies changes what it means to be human today and how we
live together. We welcome
submissions of poetry and links to poetry sites.

This YASMIN discussion will be seeded by the following invited
respondents, but of course all
YASMINERS are invited to join in the discussion:

Roger Malina :
An astronomer and editor. He is currently Director of the Observatoire
Astronomique de Marseille
Provence, Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press,
and co chair of the Art Science
Program at the IMERA Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies. He
writes poetry secretly.

Vítor Reia-Baptista
Professor and Director of the Department of Communication, Arts and
Design of the School of
Education and Communication at the University of Algarve, Portugal:
Coordinator of the Research Group in Film, Communication and Visual
Arts at the CIAC -
Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação:
Author of the Blog on Arts, Science, Technology, Poetry and Culture:
And an active member of the Poetry-Jazz Group «Flajazzados» blending
different styles
of Jazz «Free, Be-Bop and Funky» with the tradition of the «Spoken
Word» movements:

Nicolás Hernández Guillén

Jared Smith

Jared Smith is the author of nine volumes of poetry, and the editor of
several volumes in the applied
sciences dealing with biotechnology, microelectronics, systems
engineering, and energy measurement.
He has served as an adviser on policy and technology to several White
House Commissions under President
Clinton; Team Leader for a national SCADA security encryption project
funded by Department of Defense;
Special Advisor to Argonne National Laboratory; and as a director of
Research and Education at Institute of
Gas Technology.

Jason Nelson
Digital poet/artist, academic in Australia, founder of,
with over forty digital artworks which have won
numerous awards, and been exhibited and written about around the
world. Recently re-built a digital poetry portal
with the hope of spreading these kinds of works: , currently centers of interfaces and they
relate to the construction and creation of digital poems

Tim Peterson

Bronac Ferran:
Bronac Ferran is a researcher in areas of art, science, technology,
law, media and cultural production. Bronac
was Director of Interdisciplinary Arts at Arts Council England .She
has organised many events and generated
numerous influential initiatives including the CODE conference.

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