Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Science, Technology, Art, POETRY

From: sharada srinivasan <sharasri@gmail.com>

Nice to hear of this new Yasmin effort re poetry;
and nice to hear that you write poetry!

new YASMIN discussion beginning Dec 1 2010 :

Science, Technology, POETRY

At this INSAP conference there was Jocelyn Bell who had a good
selection of astronomy related poems that she got some of us to read
out so that was fun, (and I got by chance a particularly long poem on
Herschel...)also remember being in touch with a poet in london William
Radice at SOAS who was working on a poetry effort with
Marcus Du Sautoy. In India, actually some of the poetry of poets like
Keki Daruwala and Jayanta Mahapatra (who also first was a physics
major) do have echoes of these, I will try to mention to them.. anyway
its a fun topic, perhaps one ought to do somethign on this end too
with that!

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