Monday, November 29, 2010

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I am your yasmin moderator this week, from rainy Marseille.

Greetings to those of you who were at the meeting in Casablanca
last weekend. It was great to meet Yasminers from Syria, Tunisia,
Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal and to hear of all the new excitement in the
east and south banks of the Mediterranean !

We will be shortly starting our Science, Technology, Arts, POETRY
discussion on the YASMIN discussion list.

Note ; We accept posts on YASMIN in all the languages that the
moderators speak= if you send a post in another language than
english= please include a few sentences in english !! We get
a lot of spam posted to YASMIN, and its hard for some of us
who are language handicapped to screen spam out if there
arent a few sentences in english.

We have had some complaints that there are too many posts
each day, and that many of the posts we received people are
receiving on other lists also. After a discussion among the moderators
we are going to try the following policy and see if it helps:

We will not approve more than a few ( 3?) posts on each list in
a given day, and we will give priority from people in the mediterranean
and about projects in the mediterranean= we still welcome posts
from everyone on the planet= but please be patient if your post
isnt approved immediately ( or use a mediterranean avatar)


Roger Malina
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