Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] networking 5.0


yes both networked infrastructures and networked organisations are
relevant here=
since they often overlap

do you know about the Marcel network ?

they do a lot of infrastructure networking

one of the topics at the us national science foundation workwshop was that there
is a proliferation of infrastructure network projects - but that are
not cross linked
and duplicate effort


Hello Roger and all,

Is there development of high-speed optical networking so that people
are able to meet with their data sets across oceans? Or are we
speaking here of other kinds of networking. I have read through
Roger's ongoing reports on the series of NSF Art Science workshops and
have not seen any talk about this subject. Are the storage archives
for large data sets in a cloud that is available to multiple entities?

I am convinced that our networking needs to include actual optical
connections to one another- but it is extremely difficult to get that
up and running. The problems for me have been funding and getting
people on board who have never really seen or experienced what is
possible. Our CIO is now supporting small steps so that other faculty
will be able to see with their own ideas. For Instance, UNM just did a
series of Ursonate performances over the National LambdaRail between
Supercomputing11 in Seattle and the Center for Advanced Research
Computing. We were rehearsing and working out potential problems
before a Spring Fluxus Concert between Swinburne U. of Technology,
Melbourne, and UNM. These are baby steps designed to show people

It is great to network- but we need to be able to do this without so
much physical travel. How do we make high-speed optical networking
available for a larger group of people in different communities?

Can anyone comment on this- with your own experiences?

Jack Ox
Roger Malina is  Director of the Observatoire Astronomique de
Marseille Provence and Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications
at MIT Press
and member of the steering committee of IMERA the Mediterranean
Institute for Advanced Studies.Postal Address: OAMP, 38 Rue Joliot
Curie, Marseille 13388, France

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