Thursday, August 9, 2012

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Last call Aug 15 deadline & some questions

Hi Roger & all,

I am considering whether to submit an abstract (for the 15th Aug) for a
paper I am currently writing called 'DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): Origin,
Art & Social Context.'

I have read the 'Beyond Productivity: Information, Technology,
Innovation, and Creativity' pdf, and see that what I'm writing fits well
in some respects. It suggests that there is a desire for social change.
And this seems positive "Cultural cross-fertilization via the SEAD
network – whether from disciplinary, organizational or ethnic
perspectives – is a vital component of our purpose and goals."

Yet, in terms of historical information and respecting social and
political emancipation, we need to know the underlying issues of why
particular circumstances have come about in order to progress. A good
example of where I am coming from perhaps, can be easily understood if
one has watched the film 'Surviving Progress'
( We are coming from a similar
perspective as the film outlines, but we explore it further through our
'actual' practice, in engaged (small) solutions with others, and DIWO is
just one of various 'media art ecology' related projects being explored.

One problem I foresee, concerns relations between actual 'collaborative,
networked art practice' and 'Institutional Issues and Public Policy'.
They exist for different reasons and motives. Our organization's
political and social context(s) may be seen as radical in contrast.
Especially when much of our own (shared) inspiration draws upon ideas,
situations and initiations - actively trying to transcend 'neo-liberal
and creative industry' restrictions, which as part of its evolution and
process critiques such hegemonies, opting for a less dominated and more
free creative autonomy.

Having said this, the above could be seen as contributions or examples
of roadblocks.

So, in order to find out whether my contribution is appropriate - I have
some questions:

1) What is the word count (or limit) for abstract submission?

2) What are the rules on earlier or similar articles already published

Even though the paper being proposed will be academic, much of the
dialogue has already occured online from within and outside of the
community, as well as existing as articles informing peer collaborative

Much of our writing on our collaborative practice exists as open to
others on platforms such as the p2pfoundation - 'Collaboration and
Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art'

3) The site mentions that proposals need to be clear to address specific
stakeholders "It is important that the White Papers are clear about
stakeholders, that they identify barriers and recommend strategies."
Does this mean within the realm of information technology and creative
practices (ITCP), is this specific enough?

Thank you for your time.



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