Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] SEAD White Paper

Dear All,

We hereby invite you to share your experiences to help us build a SEAD White Paper:

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a taxonomy of the challenges within typologies of collaborations
between Art - Design - Engineering - Science – Humanities - a
practical guide

Coordinator:Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Advisory Group: Roger
Malina (FR/USA), Anna Dumitriu (UK/RO), Frederik De Wilde (BE), Kaisu
Koski (NL/fi), Meagan May Daalder (USA), Lucas Evers (NL) and
hopefully more experts!

join please contact Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) at jenniferkanary-AT-yahoo-DOT-com

betweenArt - Design -
Engineering - Science – Humanities,have a tendency
to look great on paper, sound logical to the mind, but are far from
easy to achieve in reality. In spite of good intentions and high
motivation, many initiatives become tainted with disappointment. Why
is this? Where do such collaborations tend to go wrong? What are the
secrets to successful collaborations? What needs to be taken into
account? Which aspects facilitate organization? By
understanding the complexity of problematic issues that surround such
collaborations we hope to begin to build an educational tool that may
be used as a practical guide by those who aspire such collaborations.
Let us learn from our mistakes.

this SEAD White Paper we propose to develop an initial taxonomy of
challenges involved with different typologies of collaborations
between Art - Design - Engineering
- Science – Humanities. In order to do this we will develop
a questionnaire and put out a call to artists, scientists, engineers
and designers, who we hope will share their expertise by elaborating
on key aspects of failure and success within their experiences of
collaborations. By mapping the challenges within different typologies
of collaborations, collaborators may identify themselves into roles
and responsibilities with a stronger awareness of achievable aims and

invite all interested to join this working group to develop a SEAD
white paper on taxonomiesthe
challenges within typologies of collaborations between Art - Design -
Engineering - Science – Humanities; We realize that in
rapidly emerging new areas of practice, terminologies and taxonomies
also evolve rapidly; this in itself is a record of how the
collaborations lead to new trans-disciplinary or inter-discplinary
forms. We will in this white paper identify suggested actions
concerning the developing of useful taxonomies that clarify the
variety of situations, obstacles and opportunities, to facilitate
Science and Engineering to Arts/Design/Humanities collaboration.

invite authors of existing taxonomies or classification systems to
contact : jenniferkanary-AT-yahoo-DOT-com
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