Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] FW: Art \ live, 2012


Art \ live, 2012

Performance of three artists: Ela Rosen, Ron Vinter and Avi Rosen, in the
frame of MessMedia6 , (art College Beit Berl, Ramat Hasharon and the city
of Kfar -Saba, 1-2.8.2012.) A tribute to Art / Life 1983 -1984 performance
by Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh. During the year they were tied
together by a 8 feet rope, the artists avoided any contact or talking each
In current performance, the rope was converted to communications cable,
smartphone, laptop and a computer tablet. Artists 'Aura' is upgraded to
'Cyber-Aura' of a Cyber-Flaneur digitally united with global surfers. The
communication cable is metaphor for worldwide social, physical, genetic,
cultural, and geographic rhizome.
Electronic gadgets are expanding local physical links while creating
singularity. Everyone is located in Superposition, being simultaneously
everywhere and nowhere. The performing artists videoing and uploading their
environment to a YouTube public playlist. Contemporary art becomes a viral
cybernetic 'Duree' globally consumed. The documentation is a ready-made for
future artistic creation.
The performance eliminates the gap between art and life. Artists transcend
global digital data base, become 'live-sculpture', refined, online and
public free art. Performance fulfills the purpose chosen to be artist-shaman
in contemporary politics, media, post-industrial era, a bridge between the
physical worlds to cybernetic. On this trip artists aiming to reach the
Sublime, on their return they are spreading unique insights acquired.
Performance applies the ideas of Joseph Beuys who preached for 'Art = Life',
which includes interdisciplinary existence, distributes itself in every way
possible, democratic, and consciously implemented by all. In reality of our
daily online existence, talents of artists, scientists, economists,
Politicians, religious leaders and other areas, intertwined favor the
formation of art\ lifetime.