Monday, August 26, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Towards Wrapping up this weeks yasmin discussion

"Dear Yasminers, and those you may know outside of the Yasmin network,

To contribute to wrapping up Roger's discussion this week my thought
on the matter is this:

It is imperative at this point that we have a bibliography of
peer-reviewed published articles that demonstrate instances of how art
has advanced basic science.

If those in the Yasmin network could refer to those articles as a wrap
up for this discussion it would thus make these immediately available
to the SEAD and Yasmin community and provide the start for such a

Such articles would not refer to how art advances creativity in
science or better education and community engagement but refer to
basic science. One takes it as a given that a broad and persistent
exposure to and participation in the arts and humanities contributes
in the most fundamental ways to creativity in science in specific and
to science education in general. The issue here, the call for
citations refers only to demonstrated advances in basic science.

As I have been assured that there are many, many such publications I
look forward to seeing those citations forthcoming here at Yasmin this


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